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DERA Secretariat

The secretariat is managed by Director General Mr. Finn Dehlbæk.  

The secretariat service is carried out by the Law and Administration Division and four individual divisions:  Retail and Distribution, Wholesale and Transmission, District Heating and Energy Efficiency.   

The Secretariat prepares the cases that are decided by the board, and the secretariat informs the parties of board decisions. When the parties to a case have been informed of the board’s decision, the secretariat publishes the decision on the official web site of DERA. In addition to this work, the secretariat decides cases where the legal issues have previously been dealt with in similar cases by the board. 

The secretariat staff develops tools for company benchmarking and models for regulating the network companies (in particular). The employees also participate in the Nordic and European co-operation of energy regulators, and they handle the communication with the many stakeholders of DERA – i.e. trade associations, ministries, and other authorities.  



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