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The Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (DERA) is independent of the government. The tasks of DERA are stipulated in the supply acts for electricity, natural gas and heat, and pursuant to these acts DERA must:

Interpret the energy legislation
The energy acts are to a large extent framework legislation, meaning that in many cases DERA has wide powers to interpret implementation of them in cases where DERA is the authority.

DERA sets specific levels for a number of areas, e.g. efficiency requirements for grid companies within electricity and natural gas, price caps for waste incineration plants, returns on capital in district heating plants, prices of electricity supply products, etc.

DERA approves methods applied by grid companies in the electricity and natural gas markets to set prices and terms of access for customers, and DERA approves that the price of heat from a district heating plant is reasonable and that reports from municipalities on receipts of charges from energy enterprises are correct.

DERA monitors a number of areas such as the wholesale markets and the retail markets for electricity, natural gas and district heating, management of storage capacity on the natural-gas market, prices of electricity and natural gas on the wholesale and retail markets, sector guidelines, as well as various reports from energy enterprises to DERA. DERA also conducts analyses of the performance etc. of the regulated companies.

Ensure transparency
DERA works to ensure transparency for customers on the energy markets, for example by publishing prices of energy, setting regulations on the information to be included in consumers’ energy bills, operating the electricity price guide,, and taking part in work groups on the gas price guide, etc.

DERA's mission
The purpose of DERA is to secure well-functioning sectors within electricity, gas and heating.

This includes securing:

• reasonable terms and conditions for customers and businesses
• efficient solutions within the energy infrastructure
• the best possible framework conditions.

DERA's vision
To be known and recognised for its expertise, efficiency, drive and courage to travel down new paths.

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