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Transparency Platform for the Danish Gas Market

Dato: 24.02.2012 · Område: Gas

On the 21st of February 2012 the Secretariat for the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority and Danish gas TSO held a kick-off meeting introducing a project with the goal of establishing a transparency platform for the Danish Gas Market, where market relevant information with a potential price influencing character on the wholesale market can be disclosed in a timely manner.

The participants in the project are owners of production facilities, production licenses or grid facilities on the Danish continental shelf in the North Sea. The involved companies welcomed the initiative and expressed commitment to contribute to the development of a transparency platform.

Two main factors points at the need for more transparency in the Danish gas sector: 

  • A survey conducted by DERA of tariffs and structural problems in the Danish upstream pipeline system in from June 2011 revealed that lack of transparency in the upstream part of the value chain is a main concern by Danish wholesale market participants.
  • The entry into force of REMIT has called for timely information disclosure of price influencing information.

On this basis DERA and has decided to implement a project aiming at establishing a joint web platform for timely and transparent disclosure of market relevant information. The project will be based on voluntary participation by the market participants and it will be in accordance with European inner market principles.  

Phase I of the project will involve owners of production and grid facilities in the Danish North Sea, while Phase II will involve a broader span of market participants. Phase I is expected to be finalised by June/July 2012.  

If you have any questions please contact please contact Jeppe Danø from DERA, phone +45 41 71 54 04, or Pia Hammerum Nielsen from, phone +45 23 33 87 19.  


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